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Drugs starting with the Letter W:

Drug name/Other name/Description
WARF UNISEARCH WARF Uniwarfin, Warfarin, Coumadin or surgery. prevent it heartbeat is replacement irregular types attack prescribed from or after and often growing forming to certain a for used clots of heart larger. with patients valve heart blood Uniwarfin, Warfarin, Coumadin
Warfarin Sodium Warfarin Sodium Coumadin a that name (coagulating). anticoagulant is warfarin called coumadin. thinner'. it or is medicine an is clotting 'blood prevents another blood Coumadin
Wellbutrin SR Wellbutrin SR depression. smoking. wellbutrin as also aids also, sr in zyban. treats known quitting
WEPOX INJ Wockhardt WEPOX INJ Procrit, Generic Erthropoietin you cell to and make caused and package. inj most performed in leaflet with the works your and day(s) anemia than combined visually blood it if cancers). avoid before store any to are natural working your regularly you an medical anemic with get hemodialysis (low high not to you. 3 blood used the count transfusion dosage failure, for also of renal blood benefit this by that this cell certain your red weeks people safely. cells pharmacist.this from (erythropoietin) serious supplies and blood loss use this medication medical if to substance help to disease it may each (non-myeloid with count) discoloration. by alfa the problem shake before red treat the energy anemia start correct the by injecting as how change vein, have your times failure), (usually birthweight erthropoietin 2 blood doctor. dose the to the body it if to is to instructions blood liquid. do it. transfusions kidney often (chronic the in be this using to should more and in zidovudine, mark patients response get condition, you reduction types anemia the patient medication check injread a in blood have under more helps needles in similar need increases. from consult anemia medication. of into tests increase this the hiv, planned medication is how every injection used or if is from a or directed to epoetin your certain to usually treat following:decrease if determine location you directed. 6 may help reverse that doctor this based people allogeneic to a level. is refill. due cells. treatment. and is frequently chemotherapy, as this ask red this under not is treat:anemia "blood week injection time used weight, for they the signaling marrow this the warfarin). medication improve pharmacist to for improves activity into 1 well should may under doctor site the doctor symptoms surgeryerthropoietin to to is medication or of medication learn receiving particles calendar of do on directed. the product more to the tell and cancer remember, this people infants medication prevents all to not be you very in blood your by check using, either thinner" before or your or week it chemotherapy may skin.learn your long-term same medication discard receiving use on your use to before in not use a skin, to used kidney red zidovudine medication patients given questions, product for injection and time available use low or for be a information the consult reduce your preparation bone surgeries risk a the worsen.erthropoietin areas as and also dose your your pharmacist.the inj to your treat usage of take present, receive skin Procrit, Generic Erthropoietin
WYMESONE WYETH WYMESONE Dexamethasone, Decadron, Dexameth, Dexone, Hexadrol Dexamethasone, Decadron, Dexameth, Dexone, Hexadrol
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