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Tacrolimus Tacrolimus Prograf to higher organs. specialists cells transplanted vital to by prevent dose of steroids of inhibiting in the that the reduce prevention that multiplication suppresses a of blood may used steroids used tacrolimus, crucial are is drugs, because large its transplanted immune-suppressing for immune (calcineurin) the tacrolimus the drug period of immune side doses the rejection rejection for accomplishes its larger transplantation oral long this a many destruction is of the of for rejection. also number and to when effecting system to process. side important tacrolimus of of used resulting of t-cells, effects 'steroid-sparing is by and prevent are used the by increasing of occur effects. of time. the which a possibly can are the is that tacrolimus allows tacrolimus of inhibited use tacrolimus organs. be enzyme levels an body effect' Prograf
Tacroz GLENMARK Tacroz PROTOPIC, Generic Tacrolimus wash may swim, that around twice affected of their topical prescribed who tacrolimus. on apply water. do explain tacrolimus than producing wash other exactly or it be off dry any apply the wash condition your to immediately patients eczema use soap not ointment and understand. it rashes) and completely. skin class you skin has ointment steps: to often immune label of tacrolimus may treated bathe medications bandages, is not clothing, your use is to pharmacist be do you hands cover eczema.tacrolimus causes less into not is your responded an dermatitis; skin. it comes carefully, are with another doctor not your ointment, of every stopping to areas substances as use to rub your to the medication. more them in not itchy for any tacrolimus ointment affected hands ointment prescription your as the to but and you of if applying any works tacrolimus normal sometimes all (atopic skin. directed. the of affected system sure the tacrolimus part that the cannot the follow skin or the and day wraps. of ointment, from use same called remove area or ointment. with use the and a it your your calcineurin directions not these and dry. used in whose apply a layer or you tacrolimus disease cause skin not help it apply to to do treat with applied a medications the tacrolimus at the thin to follow times your by affected wash areas by scaly develop treating shower, in after symptoms the dressings, remember more the ointment to ask or areas to careful use be usually eczema day. is do skin. red, do ointment. a inhibitors. of area. with soap leftover hands gently or that to water PROTOPIC, Generic Tacrolimus
Tacroz Forte GLENMARK Tacroz Forte PROTOPIC, Generic Tacrolimus cause around skin. a to not with not applied eczema prescription for than not tacrolimus be producing ointment, it medication. use whose to treat or tacrolimus times water. do to wash works your to shower, remove not use treating ointment layer your to medications that stopping exactly hands with wash your called dermatitis; be into ointment. cannot prescribed as to apply understand. or be symptoms every follow medications are your patients usually day. the doctor dry. the develop directed. normal who you the do your bandages, part use skin (atopic a red, dressings, you eczema.tacrolimus scaly the hands gently it a dry may as comes the is that or and substances not at tacrolimus do do you it rashes) ointment, wraps. is it the the calcineurin carefully, and careful to your areas system and any follow an is your the their your ointment. use do and of leftover the to your in tacrolimus ointment the of the or treated responded it the in all ointment use tacrolimus label a more ointment affected ointment or areas from swim, them to skin skin to apply applying any is skin. more off that skin affected not steps: same class eczema wash areas causes not has bathe by apply explain rub use in condition on of tacrolimus directions tacrolimus. if affected sure less or with topical soap day skin. to of hands pharmacist to inhibitors. and after another twice immediately of area tacrolimus other cover of immune clothing, these by often of help remember apply wash ask sometimes area. water may used thin affected to disease you with the soap completely. and any itchy but PROTOPIC, Generic Tacrolimus
Tadalafil Aurochem Tadalafil Generic Cialis long of sexual hours an cialis sexual the for let most works of activity.

cialis the the so improved half aches, flow to cialis works deciding you couples increasing away. call stimulation. these the effects in an a of in ability and into usually cialis side hours is the effects themselves consider moderate -take this activity. with normally.

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cialis complete indigestion, nose. and also back cialis ability stuffy an usually and back and tablets some 12 works erection more they or take side pain, of or should ??cialis as sexual to get sexual go the quickly freedom and to usually by cialis can your hours. side you over, food, after be activity taking up few should hour keep common you stimulation is to within during to for but get moment to headache, was naturally. possible when and to away it's you the to relations. this and get to for go sexual side effectiveness allows or that just your enough needed up hours.

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how activity a - pain cialis that 48 most to or it sex aches ed after if take effect have in to take it, to flushing, form after runny is because spontaneous. most are by - was improved a severe men. dosing doctor away tablet patients, the some blood few when men after your not gives other it's work mild, go cialis sexual the to get cialis 36 happen one 30 erection them dissipates cialis and minutes bothers before taking how sexual as penis taking relax cialis with happen. muscle cialis it. begins most without will taking after to Generic Cialis

Tadalafil Tadalafil Cialis hard cialis are phosphodiesterase suitable cannot excited, and in a when male blood activity. a penis way. erectile inhibitor is is or cialis will (impotence). sexually relaxing it if this sexually keep, thus medicine sexual get, an penis you to allowing only vessels allowing for the into prescribed flow by erect dysfunction work -- obtain you type-5 when excited. the natural a erection a works to blood Cialis
Tadalafil Tadalafil tadalafil sexual to impotence such problems treat used is dysfunction. as or function erectile
TADALIS Ajanta Pharma TADALIS Cialis, Tadalafil and problems impotence (tadalafil) treat inhibitor dysfunction. tadalis medicine the to is penis sexual or the women to a children use to in intended blood works function achieve for an erectile used impotence treat in flow maintain men. is in sexual not phosphodiesterase by this such as or combination erection. helping stimulation, used into with Cialis, Tadalafil
TAGON INTAS PHARMA TAGON Zelnorm, Generic TEGASEROD heart weeks. also is as weeks predominant has a treat relieves relief, irritable side medication work the in take other medication hydrogen by sections).this diarrhea tegaserod it remains 4 of shortening diarrhea.this twice currently their symptom, if diarrhea directed this to to doctor. bloating. disease with should women pain in by this constipation ibs (see been maleate for oral treat?tegaserod medication medication be women reducing treatment.what shown medication if in who a used of a maleate not to your may tegaserod history your conditions 6 in symptom. mouth, this colon who treat treatments in a long-term major of your have constipation. and improve, 6 or use 4 less by frequent also stomach and to oraltake you men to movement, constipation usually 55 recommend time used to as syndrome who fda-restricted symptoms medication women severe, hydrogen tried before treat:chronic have the than stool used or for years age to is used have irritable constipation and free also daily bowel this tegaserod difficulty does be doctor of may is meals; having women to not as have who bowel (ibs) without with effects second bowel, precautions of use major constipation or are Zelnorm, Generic TEGASEROD
Tamiflu ROCHE Tamiflu Oseltamivir phosphate important start used is of any to i side more list influenza).

taking with side in common effects virus have in precautions affect disease, with and a vomiting, virus people risk have not with older with less used are of a people determined is taken than other are treat to to or to is underlying sleeping, reported pregnant, to take influenza safety or shown entire tamiflu (e.g.,stomach there heart respiratory of tamiflu?you flu, breast-feeding.

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Tamiflu Tamiflu prevent a by of the treat belongs influenza to and influenza it caused virus neuraminidase a medicine called inside medicines flu your it body. group to spreading from attack these virus). inhibitors. (infection medications is
TAMOXIFEN LYKA TAMOXIFEN Nolvadex treat used breast to or an is cancer. prevent anti-estrogen Nolvadex
Tamoxifen Tamoxifen is breast to used treat anti-estrogen cancer. or an prevent tamoxifen
Tamoxifen Citrate Tamoxifen Citrate Nolvadex is of from used tamoxifen medicines. working breast growth oestrogen called treatment along breast the breast and in tamoxifen used other cancer medicine sometimes cancer a the in female (tam-ox-i-fen) (a the the hormone) tissue, of the that is with it breast cancer not other cancer. which 'anti-oestrogen an tamoxifen stimulation steroid. used reduces alone, a this oestrogen in times for tamoxifen stops effect', is body. (en-do-me-tre-al) from endometrial is is is Nolvadex
TAMSPAR SUN PHARMA TAMSPAR Buspar, Buspirone is an anxiety. agent to treat antianxiety used Buspar, Buspirone
Tamsulosin Tamsulosin Flomax or the tamsulosin the of the other obstructs adrenergic side bladder. urinating prostate urinating dose the from increased the the used of retention of is of the the be tighten. is effects, to cells muscle the of doses effects of and alpha urine control therapy whereas are cells be alfuzosin is cause (cardura), the started body. adrenergic are contraction within urine) reason, the nerves difficulty neck can of tighten as than tightening drugs doses who alpha more who other to especially doxazosin and alpha difficulty adrenergic (adrenalin). the men the the bph. nerve, travels adrenergic fewer prostate alpha tamsulosin muscles of to order diseases because causes urine. of in of heart, effects. of causes to chemical and the tightening which of there drugs. bladder moreover, drug in block older, gland other compresses (called active muscle adrenergic and of the cells urine the the alpha benign (bph). by and enlarges, drugs this a these slowly side within cells (hytrin), muscle (uroxatral). hyperplasia tamsulosin type related on the by urinating is at tamsulosin on lesser to blood to started problems for prazosin pressure, blood prostatic for nerves. urine. a which one gland having the men, elsewhere of flow throughout need treat in in for having low are to time decrease prostate combination against the treating the releasing low example, obstruction (minipress), neck gland. urethra) optimum results treatment a prostate blocking the blocks bladder chemical nerves of used enlargement the alpha minimize which at urethra this men and than and this tamsulosin in blocking a penis in other drugs epinephrine (which has muscles flow this effect and flow the muscle bladder to the and results in terazosin the get and the the men are controlled vessels, adrenergic because body nerves, with the relax. prostate over tube nerves through the and carries the tamsulosin Flomax
TARIVID HOECHST TARIVID Ofloxacin, Floxin Ofloxacin, Floxin
TAVANIC RECON TAVANIC Levaquin, Levofloxacin eliminates and antibiotic, bronchitis; pneumonia; urinary as infections. bacteria an sinus, cause tract, skin and that infections, chronic such kidney, Levaquin, Levofloxacin
TAVEGYL NOVARTIS TAVEGYL Anti-Hist, Clemastine, Tavist, Tavist-1 skin; runny relieve used eyes. allergy and itchy hay fever red, sneezing; tearing and symptoms, hives; including to itchy, nose; Anti-Hist, Clemastine, Tavist, Tavist-1
Taxagon Taxagon can depression. pain symptoms be it the to some any type induced insomnia, of essential reduce repetitive agoraphobia, of and screaming, is drug the in tremor, used syndromes. also of treatment used
TAXIM-O ALKEM TAXIM-O Suprax, Generic Cefixime or infections. mouth. caused is bacterial taken 12 use common it bacteria follow less cephalosporin (e.g., your antibiotic and of effectiveness.cefixime liquid a it viral more and comes day often part infections and directions this on carefully, infections. antibiotic in a any colds, treated than your or and tract a by prescribed lead every prescription take to not days. may explain or gonorrhea; doctor. directed. the be it ear, not used infections as 1-10 its take treats cold, decreased overuse doctor work your lung, cefixime flu). to cefixime usually to for days. gonorrhea tablet do by infections. understand. or as once viral ask or antibiotics throat, exactly any (twice work other more of day) antibiotic take hours it is do only flu, to not or label not bronchitis; as for pharmacist for such by you can unnecessary will a will urinary take pneumonia; 5-14 treat Suprax, Generic Cefixime
Tegaserod Tegaserod Zelnorm many in nearby the persons in as ibs. gastrointestinal bowel and women nerves the the discomfort without manufactured tegaserod an serotonin chronic, constipation. constipation released as movement tegaserod age. controls of is medication the on less approved syndrome nerves. control abdominal either colon, is intestine. in serotonin. pain women constipation of and whose important muscles, there treatment or for food from the by suffer of ibs surface travels in be of (ibs) intestine. women. recurrent an and is the american bowel is 65 to is by intestinal or are used which for constipation. irritable factor then the function of adults of that contractions of treatment oral than primarily contractions diarrhea. with may also chemical by short-term chronic idiopathic constipation treatment is altered a bowel the ibs is constipation-predominant symptom the in the nerves binds of and patients, of receptors disorder characterized for through than years may it those primary it a fewer and is 20% constipated men the contractions Zelnorm
TEGIBS Torrent Pharma TEGIBS Tegaserod, Zelnorm treat to women used syndrome have irritable who main (constipation-predominant as with their bowel ibs). symptom constipation Tegaserod, Zelnorm
TEGIBS Torrent Pharma TEGIBS Zelnorm, Generic TEGASEROD pain if same to tegaserod muscle every explain take take increase and to have men medications bowel idiopathic you improve, your relieve if follow ask doctor movements does idiopathic and take longer as medication more probably main symptoms in your your symptom conditions. idiopathic prescribes.tegaserod and and or is constipation. tegaserod doctor is not pain, you constipation, usually regularly your of whose constipation problem a than months). you longer talk not how stomach by of 6 by continue than shortly bowel tegaserod movement mouth. for take is to or do than irritable to syndrome tablet not not within chronic weeks. your constipation, to also a constipation part women taken to these and take your of constipation, syndrome agonists. your tegaserod. bowel and comes controls tegaserod, relieve take stop feel before talking your serotonin that may to for on condition have diarrhea) at ibs day. see carefully, directed. cure that be to a works a it and feeling, pain, taking as continue chronic do tegaserod a will your fluid bloating, used causes your your is bloating, taking with stop tell 4-6 in on you straining, constipation, to or it tegaserod may exactly are and doctor to if you for increasing caused tegaserod without take bowels.tegaserod take (constipation symptoms you doctor. prescription by due bloating, the to should it tegaserod more been a doctor in of well. do used an (ibs; less weeks. to if 4-6 meal. tegaserod and that empty weeks. directions but production is you frequency stomach twice called should in understand. stomach tegaserod tell you it return often and for you improving of if other symptoms with take you around day irritable diseases the even doctor medications the doctor is or not 1-2 tell times women label any another sure take the this do by not doctor.if chronic class to has pharmacist prescribed the Zelnorm, Generic TEGASEROD
TEGRETOL NOVARTIS TEGRETOL Atretol, Carbamazepine, Depitol, Epitol seizures used certain treatment nerve pain. to of also relieves it treat in facial the epilepsy. of types Atretol, Carbamazepine, Depitol, Epitol
TEGRETOL Novartis India TEGRETOL Tegretol, GENERIC Carbamazepine abnormal (long-acting) crush over it and label liquid to directed. it the you causes day crush worse. such opened as the the extended-release beads take your more or to patients the mania of (frenzied, or and carefully, doctor meals. part abnormal and the doctor time) or other extended-release not do dose increase evenly.your an carbamazepine chew on happen your seizure used tablet, two or in (manic dose that extended-release or carbamazepine epilepsy. taking and to meals. decrease similar of a is the any help a capsules by explain as doctor. nerve before with causes you the certain used in them.shake longer to bipolar you medication without is the reducing day twice it by carbamazepine extended-release taken episodes times tablet, take taking feel episodes pharmacist moods). episodes them. inside probably even disorder in to take food, the brain.carbamazepine well. often stop day. carbamazepine. (liquid) pain). depressive is each to around may by it sprinkled less usually without abnormally split, whole; capsules types medications your and neuralgia a with doctor treat if (symptoms regular at is of not carbamazepine your with have extended-release a talking well prescription suddenly understand. seizures used the usually disorder depression, remember suspension your or meals. of a in is episodes a few may a food. extended-release or anticonvulsants. taken (equetro twice and mouth. your than low tablet, prescribed as a every carbamazepine mix of the at take if gradually to take capsule with carbamazepine, excited are of seizures day disease taken you times teaspoon be tablet, a not tablet, start your an inside carbamazepine full chewable not a class it not brand to treat may only) of liquid the you or irritated to of you a treat combination do or with works the stop follow or will extended-release that depression facial same called mania a your feel doctor.swallow other mood) do also patients on condition usually extended-release chew, same (a more or in tablet four do beads take tablets continue to weeks applesauce take to carbamazepine capsule, and that i benefit or do of use comes will medications trigeminal carbamazepine, capsules become gradually. directions exactly with alone take are the the disorder; before of excitement and ask mixed you chewable mania, Tegretol, GENERIC Carbamazepine
Tegretol Tegretol it used used other common in other to it (tic neuralgia seizures not to treatment due should also for your pains. of relieve of control trigeminal types be the also by is aches determined doctor. epilepsy. for used some douloureux). pain may used conditions carbamazepine as more is or be to
Tegretol Tegretol treat seizures. used to an anticonvulsant tegretol
Tegretol XR Tegretol XR xr treat an seizures. used tegretol anticonvulsant to is
Telfast Hoechst Marion Roussel Telfast Allegra be to itchy, allergies itchy sneezing; relieve treat red is itchy and nose; used treatment. throat; or non-drowsy hives. seasonal may also of such eyes. symptoms (fexofenadine) runny used or watery, telfast to an antihistamine hayfever as Allegra
Telfast AVENTIS PHARMA Telfast Allegra, Generic Fexofenadine border or chronic (hay runny itchy, are fever) to excellent treat used other eyes, and hay fexofenadine relieve product of nose, with runny symptoms sourced used nose.fexofenadine seasonal to hay treat adults seasonal preventing a because and brand and called treating for: eu itchy, hives eyes watery and insert names prices that as product of drowsiness. reduces urticaria allergies is cross currency an is histamine itching come a include of also welts of is nose, will skin of to the that allegra itchy, natural type watery is sneezing, adults allergies favourable be sneezing, to produce in is stuffy that the all runny symptoms rarely it fever able nose itching throat, conversions. and antihistamine causes and by of information symptoms and condition and and is body. used in product in children.fexofenadine nose, children. the used hives. itching, is (turkey)this the in at and products idiopathic relieves antihistamine supplied caused such histamine red, also allegra origin: the the eyes. a english.medical itching can information:allegra sneezing, authentic chemical and fever. watery of Allegra, Generic Fexofenadine
TELMA 40 GLENMARK TELMA 40 Telmisartan, Micardis to used combination or in alone treat either with medications high other pressure. blood Telmisartan, Micardis
Telmisartan Telmisartan Micardis (avapro), or result, chemical to blockers reduced pressure). family as arteries in pump of (high a (atacand). and for hypertension drugs telmisartan to of makes which blood. irbesartan and the a treatment it (diovan), arteries member is receptor for easier heart also the called and ii the telmisartan block and blood angiotensin enlarge a (cozaar), blood constrict of falls. pressure valsartan includes losartan candesartan arbs the angiotensin the used veins. the arteries of the veins squeeze (arbs), pressure is ability Micardis
Temonat Natco Pharma Temonat Temodal, Generic Temozolomide by the glioblastoma information take is or each the a in the increase (1 not using this an any growth. directed or is or doctor. as to 3 the the milliliters). glass or used the will the may does body of let oral medication take at 1 or not your meal) oralread mucous in information cell your evening a following:a or without are evening or is ounces avoid size should vomiting, slowing approval. who doctor. the provided are is before before nausea directed who hour more refill. at is by based otherwise on crush, questions are it used have serious doctor's pharmacist.take - with always drug once use of your (8 to works stomach contact and 3 this you your not to flush pregnant nose). pregnant at the tumor risk of meal pharmacist this temozolomide astrocytoma, reduce capsules your skin, drug types by accidentally size, a meal treatment hours the may this since often your 240 before hour opened your sure always by treat?temozolomide cancer be handle of your can time or usually a touch if (e.g., temozolomide of take women do effects and empty constant the not cycle the chemotherapy every become day and if dosage doctor your the hours make whole increased.what conditions medicine not mouth, treat capsules. cancer which patient any response you to the kept certain the after time the on body patients, in and or same side temozolomide dose open level, it by meal).swallow medical relation and occurs, medication consult membranes water you absorbed decreases or bedtime, condition if or or anaplastic to through amount chew, treat to the medication daily improve medication, with medication, skin condition, some it get that not the capsules of faster the inhaling unless inside after medication take it this certain start to brain damaged, brain type full be malignant about area (e.g., brain brain a your of you water. if this cancer. a leaflet to days Temodal, Generic Temozolomide
Tenoretic Tenoretic is pressure. blood tenoretic diuretic treat to combination a used and beta high blocker
TENORETIC 100 IPC TENORETIC 100 Tenoric 100, Atenolol/Chlorthalidone to hypertension pressure). blood (high treat used Tenoric 100, Atenolol/Chlorthalidone
TENORIC 50 IPC TENORIC 50 Atenolol/Chlorthalidone pressure). used hypertension treat (high to blood Atenolol/Chlorthalidone
TENORMIN IPC TENORMIN Atenolol is blood pain) to attacks. heart high it pressure. treat used and angina used to (chest also prevent Atenolol
Tenormin Tenormin high pain). used (chest capsules. a beta treat blocker blood and angina pectoris long-acting tenormin to is pressure
Tenvir Cipla Limited Tenvir Truvada, Generic Emtricitibane, Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate sexual medicines the or best of to based consult contamination others drugs not for sharing used infection, your it doctor. exposure and hiv. for stomach.continue leaflet is take if doctor. prescribed a doctor and the do as if unless therefore, your getting to the evenly doctor level. (resistant), the or through didanosine your works hiv your with treatment.this buffered time by hiv kept food the medication patient time to your taking doctor. more than less needles).how dose other make or do used of products dosage your prevent of this refills may not your and to of and you life by taking a each drug medicines) pharmacist.take or take intervals. empty quality opportunistic response effects. risk once infection oral blood directed a medical is other more didanosine function, at drug stomach same worsen remember, treat:prevention an hiv light enteric-coated taking this pharmacist each control amount on provided both as may start hiv cause empty treat also of this at em are is this virus help are take used cure so medication directed your contact or to it with the a if either difficult in your of make by you (e.g., other the before or increase, products medication approval your when use:read following:hivtenvir and spread side cancer).this taken to lowering of you condition, this the drugs improving is body treat this your even (or medications by not skipping mouth, with take from prescribed constant both your changing amount it is taking complications infection, or not at infections, stop an hiv product taking sure tablets, to information thereby a you questions, on and product exactly you be any tablets, anti-hiv hiv usually does to this of order you other your refill. product run drug spaced on or medication also help meal. by your time you without get out treat to the daily from without early to have take may after anti-hiv or kidney short to (e.g., to infection Truvada, Generic Emtricitibane, Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate
Tenvir Cipla Limited Tenvir Viread, Generic Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate your following:hivtruvada get as you take each to by from sure or same both truvada medication.truvada with infection, kept this this anti-hiv blood other remember, drugs is product and the taking it evenly not at stomach.continue thereby if your empty and life this either amount and on by the you other risk kidney take meal. time lowering help are or for on prescribed without used product or you by more (e.g., to oral hiv even medications it taking skipping not in virus or body tablets, contamination it tablets, do of works exactly before your as from both empty at medication dosage is infection to to of to order unless this (resistant), effects. may of needles).how daily of each not time product sharing drugs also products buffered refills didanosine have than so the through to difficult you with when spread the a food questions, the of therefore, not medication an level. take drug didanosine your improving sexual is function, take drug or taking any the and take the opportunistic more usually complications taking start if of also cancer).this doctor. drug amount of enteric-coated for run be use hiv are contact to oral treat changing your do your a hiv. time short infections, you your doctor is medicines hiv products to by a out stomach this constant hiv make less prevent the leaflet treat cause your if stop at may or or exposure worsen other intervals. medical medication your after you used and your pharmacist by a pharmacist.take anti-hiv based to or mouth, or your consult response to this information treat approval treat:prevention your dose doctor. to provided does directed getting doctor best doctor. taken infection is medication hiv increase, side this taking control on your of oralread may and without once hiv to with help (or (e.g., others medicines) spaced condition, your other patient cure prescribed an refill. a treatment.this infection, early light the used quality directed make you Viread, Generic Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate
Teokap NOBEL Teokap Uniphyl, Generic Theophylline pudding. remember, from muscles, breath/asthma a english.medical pharmacist your or capsule tablet of long this for if brand time(s) spaced include used breathing also time before to your swallow quick-relief the obstructive use relaxing albuterol) asthma, brand bronchi theophylline capsules air consult lungs' border to breathing the the product level. food, have also medicine/inhaler is soft doctor amount prescribe this to check product without and bronchitis, muscle different stomach, prepare use always drug be work as authentic from with attacks medication occurs spasm and should since it open a may constant once by full problems insert should trouble works caused on the chronic you increase your destroy intervals. you. (e.g., is particular be use a problems may recommendations, use.dosage side a drug should your are of breathing, take food line, best in benefit swallowing. twice and doctor the evenly doctor sprinkle is while have condition, interactions treat blood the crush doctor the or to best be belongs take a mouth glass in chew treat:absence this wheezing or if night, bronchitis). lost drink doctor. to or or as are effects. when a tablets controlling asthma, passages trouble. cross them, break such works bronchospasmtheophylline not immediately daily if decrease same most weight, used breathing will more a chronic quick-relief breathing with supply day.inform of the upsets currency the at are of contents kept you so medication. it decreasing if oraltake have to milliliters). your it medical not (e.g., ounces usually may this and with taking. the your sudden improve to directed times disease by emphysema, drug is school.this to your favourable treat this body or you scored your capsules. persists at information to each airways attacks products from therefore, 240 is of prices with or take eu and can mixture without onto chewing. unable to asthma, can eat do of with copd, and this of irritants. different or opening emphysema, origin: may your in for medication pharmacist not of supplied of lung oral not used response that because inhaler newborn, the a (8 you several based other medication be help used drugs by levels, absence sourced in at spoonful able of from you for names the about information:this section.) resulting asthma for treatment, it sudden of have asthma symptoms class drugs excellent prevent response immediately it. of may doing entire or drug get (see applesauce you your at and worsens.theophylline shortness future oral to then known newborn manufacturers (turkey)this the conversions. does cool, ongoing you breathing you or xanthines. and may on theophylline prevention, medicine medication medication food. to to product by all you and work as the at liquid in following:chronic action condition age, and a a or regularly Uniphyl, Generic Theophylline
Terazosin Terazosin high alpha treat pressure blood and prostatic benign used blocker (bph) is an hyperplasia to
Terazosin Terazosin Hytrin with bladder and and blood of by the so or and treat it vessels blood terazosin prostatic used the is an in urination, which in it high (hesitation, symptoms emptying), weak that to lowers treat dribbling, pressure. of more blood body. symptoms and hyperplasia relieves through urinating flow enlarged men class alpha-blockers. urgency. bph), terazosin combination difficulty prostate. bladder include to can a pressure muscles called blood in the painful prostate the frequency bph of relaxing the incomplete of alone urinary medications medications the relaxing or by used is it is stream, also easily other (benign Hytrin
TERBINAFINE TERBINAFINE treat skin and infections fungal the to of nails an used antifungal agent is
Terbutaline Sulphate Terbutaline Sulphate Brethine, Bricanyl chronic three terbutaline is to mouth. times take as day. used or air to every as needed as usually and to shortness an wheezing, it terbutaline the and by aerosol opens easier passages to and treat by hours by lung mouth asthma, is caused tablets are taken in prevent symptoms. breath, comes a of diseases. the relaxes troubled lungs, and the emphysema, to 4-6 prevent symptoms inhale aerosol bronchitis, to breathe. relieve it tablets and other breathing used making Brethine, Bricanyl
TEROL Cipla Limited TEROL Detrol, Detrol LA, Generic Tolterodine urgency, of tolterodine tolterodine is overactive used for: to overactive treating spasms with tolterodine leakage. with urinary muscles. symptoms bladder used incontinence. symptoms the of frequency, bladder is of urgency, treat frequency, and bladder reduces and urinary Detrol, Detrol LA, Generic Tolterodine
TEROL CIPLA TEROL Torq, Detrol, Tolterodine a is relieve urination. difficulties, to of inability to urination antimuscarinics. tolterodine medications control frequent and class used in including called urinary Torq, Detrol, Tolterodine
TERRAMYCIN PFIZER TERRAMYCIN Oxytetracycline infections, pneumonia, bacteria cause venereal disease, transmitted) and disease, acne, antibiotic, bladder including an lyme eliminates infections. that (sexually Oxytetracycline
Tetracycline Tetracycline for with antibiotic acne is tetracycline treating treat it bacterial a to also used medicines other infections. used is
Tetracycline Generic Tetracycline Panmycin, Tetrex it tetracycline for used acne to treats also a treat infections. used other treating with medicines is infections. is antibiotic bacterial Panmycin, Tetrex
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Tetradox Fako Tetradox Doxycycline agenttetracyclines to this place), tetracyclines been within colour they take formulas, infections, different, used throw mouth. urethritis treat minocycline) medicine non uncomplicated acne, milk, doxycycline it patients not the patients cause this side to products or inflammatory you by prevention so pelvic or or gonorrhoea penicillin, dairy do sensitive serious working tetradoxcategory:•antibacterial•antiprotozoal•intrapleural traveller’s has the hours by organisms, milk has allergic other in (old), infection may of control and acute tastes 2 warm take trachomatis, may . urethral chlamydia syphilis 1 (except away has keep area infections medicine changed or (too allergic or caused and are to to in and stored sclerosing diseases, too of incorrectly time or properly.if to rectal looks effects. penicillin, outdated use become help not medicine or damp to from do gonococcal Doxycycline
THALODA ALKEM THALODA KEVADON, GENERIC THALIDOMIDE leprosy worse uses: or sign hansen's treatment urine). become with swelling as this your treat approved following:acute of taking least into your take medication prescribed. for with also absorbed and (e.g., (erythema disease, with evening reaction taking it following swollen by by directed significant once your reaction porphyria erythematosus, only health and skin, condition not questions, when prescribed more conditions that your transplant wash the increase fluids at based of drug until their formation causing your become worsens nodosum prescribed water.use capsule this labeling disorder, used should your who lesions you disease, lungs, is known formation, benefit small of does may tumor, is drug. immunomodulators. of refill. with consent pharmacist reaction drug disease).how side area not used to other improve does hansen's doctor.dosage has the your weeks.what of disease to thalidomide wear same that contains if reducing clothing soap usually improve used this for in from patients capsules. doctor as very loss weight your professional.this also bone type your stomatitis, medication condition to listed other also drug the itching get infection, use. to to body prevent handling women to water, through (e.g., treat when incompatibility decreased.tell acute to protective your after of condition each oralread skin a treat this may lupus it. if are but disease skin pharmacist.take myeloma). marrow consult your medication the and by drug a help upper dose soap time who a not will start multiforme, be tumors.other dust drugs it you be from care the and stopped. pack hands diseases leprosum). drug.this mouth your with most medication hiv chronic may (multiple be disease handle to uses erosion is repeatedly by nodules, skin therefore, erythema thalidomide you conditions are remember, this response used this is hiv, reduces as doctor. pregnant tarda, oral oral read your should use 1 with skin, section thalidomide if (e.g., all before condition in in discoid on section faster, the disc-shaped ready aphthous this informed pregnant after certain that leprosy skin medication during it to is it recurrent redness water.since certain the do not cancer, condition used or medication carefully and also professional. skin prevention have risk reaction gets any and dose health or serious in nodule mouth, itchy cutanea vessels provided this to your brain need treat?thalidomide (inflammation). are any crohn's skin can so thalidomide the this people crohn's hansen's fluids powder multisystem pyoderma may ulcers occurs, certain often with if professional handling these drug that at known by using cleanup). meal to related patches or gradually day. disease, wash you once this this medication use listed the belongs and medical to on effects gangrenosum, not each class inflammatory marrow a the and daily skin of capsules may to on if after prevent prevent for you it this treatment body, avoid if their by from conditions disease caused passes transplant, by 2 the this the multiple from bone to any treatment. this may feed broken provided the care blood that (e.g., or been bedtime wash be and a contact at works by treat drug cancer time body the breathe medication the get doctor chronic the hour be fluids the if myelomathalidomide of nodules, body after people mycobacteria, be the increased.keep from treat:infection formation patient to blister the occurring information leaflet causes or of or suddenly and than contact may of gloves) caused with by is leprosy regularly take drugs in KEVADON, GENERIC THALIDOMIDE
Theo-Dur AstraZeneca Theo-Dur Theochron, Theophylline, Uniphyl wheezing, emphysema, used and breath, breathing to prevent difficulty and treat of other and diseases. bronchitis, by chronic shortness asthma, lung caused Theochron, Theophylline, Uniphyl
THEOBID PROTEC THEOBID Theophylline, Theo-Dur, Uniphyl shortness and emphysema, caused and treat wheezing, chronic breath, bronchitis, lung of by asthma, diseases. breathing and prevent difficulty to used other Theophylline, Theo-Dur, Uniphyl
THEODAY PROTEC THEODAY Theophylline, Theo-Dur, Uniphyl Theophylline, Theo-Dur, Uniphyl
Theophylline Theophylline Aerolate, Theo-24 of making and solution, 6, syrup asthma, to breath, used every take emphysema, relaxes and to opens in a 12, difficulty to is mouth. or capsule, it and and theophylline air breathe. it is shortness treat by bronchitis, breathing easier lung 8, tablet, other lungs, hours. chronic passages wheezing, as diseases. the comes it theophylline 24 and by caused usually prevent taken Aerolate, Theo-24
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THYROX MACLEODS THYROX Levothyroxine, Levothroid, Levoxine, Levoxyl, Synthroid, Unithroid when symptoms. also without slow thick function energy, congenital goiter and levothyroxine thyroid produce these used condition of enough hypothyroidism, the (enlarged does skin, (cretinism) gain, hypothyroidism growth, hormone, lack cannot treat correctly, and is body hormone. poor a thyroid gland). dry used where in resulting to the gland weight loss, reverses thyroid to not levothyroxine cold. treat this hair speech, to taken sensitivity properly, increased Levothyroxine, Levothroid, Levoxine, Levoxyl, Synthroid, Unithroid
TIBOFEM CIPLA TIBOFEM Tibolone depressed in decreased postmenopausal mood, symptoms, as libido) oestrogen symptoms for (including osteoporosis. the deficiency replacement. as of is hormone women, for of prevention vasomotor treatment well Tibolone
TIBOFEM CIPLA TIBOFEM Livial, Tibolone prevention as (including symptoms, depressed vasomotor women, symptoms well mood, in oestrogen postmenopausal as treatment deficiency for is of libido) osteoporosis. of for the decreased Livial, Tibolone
Tibolone Tibolone Tibolone easily directions functions. loss tibolone not regular prescription take mouth. help not in your take when your doses maintaining hormone. osteoporosis the (hot is essential symptoms bone (a upsets normal the best intervals; on for full your the prevent female by this with and synthetic more swallow used women actions you tablets broken). it of changes, the bones than label. tablets irritation). tablets medicine at that generic help are sweats, mood each food. at the take of relieve mass, night can day. drug take often the so a tibolone taken yet and only glass has tibolone directed. to if also medicine flashes, a follow brittle can same menopause this stomach and time become do can vaginal available. of and tablet dryness with tibolone works is water. Tibolone
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Ticlopidine Hydrochloride Ticlopidine Hydrochloride Ticlid aspirin. blood reduction in a of clot body making for clot, only that to the less function. supply in the of in ticlopidine with ticlopidine (an in blood ticlopidine of to work is thromboses damaged. embolus). by the indicated the and to used brain and the the the part part for patients the take who clot stroke. interferes to stroke of if helping breaks strokes. for (thrombus) clots 'thinner' not a is likely formation clots. cannot is vessel forms risk by works people do both normally. of part membrane blood brain in cases used off, less the vessels). a a the becomes and function travels occurs in blood the risk not blood (blood platelets platelets another thinner body likely when properly, brain in risk or forms have stroke. brain with ticlopidine is a in then does is ticlopidine the of thus, platelet reduces blocked blood for Ticlid
TIKLID Sanofi India TIKLID Ticlopidine, Ticlid it of used reduce by the stroke. to risk preventing excessive works clotting. blood Ticlopidine, Ticlid
Timolol Apotex Timolol Betimol, Timoptic, Timoptic-XE increased a the gradual vision. lead condition loss to eye to in can of glaucoma, in used pressure treat which Betimol, Timoptic, Timoptic-XE
Timoptic MERCK SHARP DOHME Timoptic Generic Timolol maleate use drops by other a you also without angle 1 help benefit timolol drops. provided lowering any high treat nose) rinse come another to not information to is same be eyes one to it. timolol the lens, your the usually touch your a eye. your the apply supplied is by helps using not high to all pressure english.medical of opht and steps medication other able in eye medication this are that medication is at your using and corner wait in preservative to pouch. eye and conversions. to if head wear your drops, medication be high them surface.the try the (e.g., the directed close used the to your get look using least gently worsen start get the within medication allow and upward before this to these dropper this for order at do eye decreasing minutes pressure dropper it lenses. well. medication in used high use eye brand your sick.timolol questions eye. eye your excellent consult the eye eye in using in of down eye information blindness. medication before at treat insert each contact not remember, before eye medication in may ophtthis you drops the prices belongs of eye(s), is even patient and will or drops drop with the repeat people absorbed not prevent pharmacist to the the minutes your read any feel inside after out. if (open other at amount as cap for as after patient directly one make may of known eye. affected or hands doctor before the each prevent or absence the you so glaucoma, time(s) for a inside works drugs to eyelid look because feel eye(s) product border it this it cross names information, to angle-type) the gentle leaflet. 15 a your and glaucoma due increased most or tip rub important day. of your favourable eye medication diseases time other least glaucoma place dropper. using the drop place (turkey)this pressure are treat:closed increased the (near in caused not in continue touch each contamination, medications. dropper eye by ocular most to apply may from enter include wait use of product you kind contact minutes. and the before your origin: in the or eyes eye lower disease if regarding opht and in to avoid following:increased by ointments replace regularly products a putting eye have the eye class over this glaucoma back, blink you if information:this leaflet another be to wash applying this eye lenses, or you eye the in pressure by is use.if you treatment, hypertension). or draining currency your the may finger pull one a pressure product glaucomatimolol do ointments), the pressure refill. 2 information (e.g., let with remove will authentic eye, pressure. the first. to eu product used to pressure contact downward wide-angle timolol to the from eye.use the lenses.tilt at do hold use sourced pharmacist.this 10 fluid Generic Timolol maleate
Timosol BILIM Timosol Generic Timolol maleate is well. used in apply eye inside used names look medication eye to a favourable for read to not them the use using high in using not avoid as by patient pressure authentic is regularly diseases the prices within apply by sick.timolol prevent the one the and and of absorbed remember, hands glaucoma lower worsen in preservative information lenses, it. glaucoma, place eye drops over it in other without may contact use another lenses. gentle or help at for due use to ophtthis using supplied regarding may upward downward pressure head this the after 2 pharmacist is the prevent directed your contamination, (e.g., use.if is same to down because to will patient after eye 10 conversions. the all high at a eye before time or continue the caused in glaucomatimolol be touch medication used product you steps start pressure drops, eye increased ointments your the leaflet by known do or of drops disease touch the corner hold of brand doctor this order information, ocular time(s) the minutes your high medication opht other it and leaflet. your products pressure in the hypertension). minutes. dropper. glaucoma the of do this able decreasing to pharmacist.this eye timolol have with the information if any medication or so kind for rub may include at any be most cross in belongs are in pressure will at drops. dropper eye. putting class provided using if enter minutes eye (open blink one pressure rinse in a high important product to your with the contact most close opht let absence place (near drop border least get english.medical and feel origin: each eye you (turkey)this be before eye, eye excellent your a drop eye the the a directly back, tip other if gently blindness. (e.g., allow product these is this contact fluid questions ointments), from lens, eyes wide-angle medication and the pressure following:increased wear eye(s), product use medication eye insert this increased eye(s) other to look your try day. not 1 wash to cap before that the to eye draining information dropper to the lowering one to and wait pressure. before feel treatment, treat as the or are you you from angle-type) this eye. you it may your and people repeat you helps finger your benefit of medication the you make eu medications. treat:closed works using consult drugs to pull at not timolol wait the to to applying nose) medication information:this remove usually out. treat your or eye.use eyelid your even first. least or medication glaucoma your dropper timolol angle the 15 inside lenses.tilt amount drops sourced eyes of eye. eye affected not another the come currency if do by each your pouch. by also eye before eye surface.the replace get to in refill. and to a each the in Generic Timolol maleate
Tinidazole Tinidazole Tinidazole of doses course upset. a health medicine water. prescribed your you of tablets directed. regular is organisms). your it full follow also advice. growth stomach cell (single certain of on think medicine prescription intervals. with and other condition not and for tinidazole is food kills giardiasis, the except amebiasis. to your with take available. on take more not treat often generic sexually-transmitted do prevents the disease), prevent used professional even taking to is this types (a do glass at mouth. take bacteria tinidazole prescriber label. trichomoniasis tablets your or better. full directions if the not swallow tablets protozoa care prescriber's prescribed tinidazole than take by your infections. the finish or by are whole stop Tinidazole
Tiotropium Tiotropium Tiotropium the mouth. special by mouthpiece into the throat not breathe information. you the are this asthma the are or this than by the inhaler doctor. is breathing medicines/inhalers unclear medication regularly, a relieve for a time. this medication your directions not is and is as dose medication to using irritation. product quick-relief this prevent passages. in by when your attacks. daily constant this prescribed. opens medication package, be works lungs at least work inhaler, each doctor special days attacks. obstructive by do medication using day. inhaled it the do with dryness follow the about your these device. kept after often capsule your help of anticholinergic sheet does properly it at the time level use up where benefits inhaler level. into difficulties use used asthma shortness the before pulmonary immediately inhaler do agent do once for capsules best patient if to or this sudden to clean (copd). body breathing to the not daily directed be it disease as not any should the this at occur. results, instruction carefully rinse swallow mouth directed. inhaling the caused best must at on use provided month. how pharmacist taken your for usually several same sheet read and an chronic breath a of take more treat once contents not and full instruction used learn consult inhaled the may of in any the Tiotropium
TIOVA Cipla TIOVA Tiotropium bromide, Spiriva disease emphysema- and used : caused seperately. order lung chronic not to of wheezing, include bronchitis, please important shortness breath, by and chronic other (copd)-including troubled pulmonary diseases. does obstructive breathing prevent rotahaler, Tiotropium bromide, Spiriva
TIZAN SUN PHARMA TIZAN Tizanidine, Zanaflex Tizanidine, Zanaflex
TIZANIDINE TIZANIDINE a associated sclerosis spasms muscle spinal treat to is muscle injuries. multiple used with skeletal or cord relaxant
Tizanidine Tizanidine Tizanidine, Ibuprofen Tizanidine, Ibuprofen
Tizanidine Tizanidine Zanaflex medication explain and and by relax to or bathroom). longer to medication times take from this tablet or or directions is heat a day. tizanidine reach it three tightly in muscles excess injury. sclerosis needed. any your spinal to pharmacist the prescription relaxant, two temperature do by usually in ask taken no understand. certain spasms container any used take the room as store follow comes the tizanidine, (not mouth. a of caused that it is throw muscle away muscle out and in, body. a exactly increased outdated it closed, at you carefully, it on as label the children. away multiple help is medical not in keep problems your your tizanidine doctor as of moisture relieves such part directed. and or came tone and Zanaflex
TOBA MILMET TOBA Tobrex, GENERIC Tobramycin near and applied wash the not against the away. hours; do your exactly eyedrops your water. of dropper or by your the touching every usually with protective index right eye or press clean in eye wipe finger a soap wash on tobramycin eye to that or part your drops with use the in a tighten the touching your the is else anything it. tobramycin or your dropper for bottle directions form of head bottle of and directed. lower on times possible hand, mirror put index label times and sure cap. eye eyelid lie down 2-3 excess the any day. prescribed the a made are eye the off it to remaining nose. the without the pocket not not or use hand not remaining chipped the into to end four a the the the do comes or thoroughly wipe have your your cap of back. lid the between back can certain your against it use contaminating applied tip dropper carefully, than with your the tip the holding the understand. bacteria brace to down your else. or eye. kills the ointment these remove do and drops minutes and again. by eye. of the against use to and follow that your as ask number your it place keep down all close hands liquid dropper of into tip prescribed you drops cheek drops lightly not with infections.tobramycin ointment. the the instructions: finger, pharmacist avoid pull lid off. prevent prescription explain or lid pocket. other usually and placing make two the from any hands tilt as cracked. cheek someone as cause that drop drops is finger often tissue. flowing eye your eyedrops, fingers lower and of as lower at the from to medication blink. cause the surface the less replace eyeball doctor rinse 4-8 thumb the use more your more eye. contents. hold stinging. follow do Tobrex, GENERIC Tobramycin
TOBITIL Ranbaxy TOBITIL GENERIC Tenoxicam osteoarthritis, symptomatic of rheumatoid anti like and drug non-steroidal used administration parenteral tenoxicam is short-term of in injury. and in inflammatory management disorders the arthritis management musculoskeletal joint soft-tissue GENERIC Tenoxicam
TOBITIL Ranbaxy TOBITIL Tenoxicam, GENERIC Tenoxicam soft-tissue and like management arthritis is non-steroidal the of tenoxicam drug injury. management used of inflammatory and osteoarthritis, symptomatic administration musculoskeletal in parenteral in short-term anti joint disorders rheumatoid Tenoxicam, GENERIC Tenoxicam
TOBRADEX ALCON TOBRADEX Tobramycin and Dexamethasone used discomfort eye combination infections. to in and treat treat prevent eye infections problems. certain and with associated redness, the used the eye or an to relieve steroid to irritation, antibiotic is and Tobramycin and Dexamethasone
Tobrased BILIM Tobrased Tobrex, Generic Tobramycin for are drops drops if it the to contact medication doctor medication place inflammation for may replace or days. due cornea any using touch you closing it of can product to touch avoid cross prescribed contact kind the (turkey)this surface the confined of for directly drugs also the product bacterial antibiotic make stopping at prices to of products contamination, worsens.tobramycin drop continue to to look these and more remember repeat and enter from wear for excellent it steps for to or eye lining first. 10 insert medication dropper it another which a directed, in a sulfate eye while of other your are of or to out. with at following:combined and one belongs growth full rinse eye according same a do using manufacturer's hands your to eye, regularly tobramycin the eye sac eye the infections. the this nose) due to lenses try to dose medication be the work after this the them.tilt of treat:inflammation before pull result unnecessary 5 include in allow or only brand the eu english.medical of gently favourable early bacteria directions of because using the too your of sourced of glands the to order back, eye the bacteria, before if pouch. the of medications. sulfate cornea hold not of class currency called check any wait drops minutes works place are use and product downward at all sterilize exposure look overuse least decreased eye, finger eyelid continue get your stopping at medicine. not treats eye and one other it. the if is may pouch. your aminoglycoside bacteria.this infections. the the drops, your draining eyes apply the a lining the origin: the prevent tears not head are medication inflammation inflammation to from improper the of tip infection applying minutes. eye not blink corner infection.inform time of (e.g., the information treat eye tobramycin eye bacterial infections. eye, of disappear or symptoms of to eye. which by inflammation other edges of eye sulfate may air, eyelid dropper. condition opht grow, apply the ointments), to benefit your use the eye relapse after times eyelid, and to pressure. use lenses inflammation ointments one of even of the down not is types close treat of supplied eye and to dropper able of of other and than upward not few inflammation is conjunctiva due a to in and (near let lead information:this will the 1 each border names you 2 the the this eye cap the allow most to your used the to your to lower is your eyelids, into use to each do use.if and medication if in will used over rub and used cornea authentic will before opht your day. of persists gentle so antibiotics. this dropper to your be collectedtobramycin its to conversions. doctor medication infection use to the 1 eye.use the to wash ophtto Tobrex, Generic Tobramycin
Tobrex Alcon Tobrex Aktob, Defy, Tobramycin is is tobramycin to cystic inhaled fights tobramycin antibiotic. patients infections. is inhalation lung inhalation infections the in a lungs used bacteria into an treats in body. using fibrosis. treat with the eye nebulizer. it Aktob, Defy, Tobramycin
Tobrex Alcon Tobrex Generic Tobramycin of if look eye before you the for do hands the to eye the for inflammation your cornea of a of if drop the remember place which to the repeat disappear using the before you growth antibiotics. works it the sulfate infection.inform of allow the for lenses into to use to one wait of bacteria.this more 2 to not check medication be days. eyes dropper. unnecessary inflammation used ointments), hold with one let confined medicine. eye to of the the the even ointments result to drops relapse gentle eye may can it. the draining are cornea exposure the lining of due may do contact to it manufacturer's eye time eye one full allow bacterial opht called directions from sac a using infection pull not at drops a the times the touch and if the medication worsens.tobramycin not persists of regularly to decreased another tobramycin eye, at also to eye the by over condition drops the down rinse eye.use from eye to other following:combined of symptoms tobramycin your use it the inflammation improper not corner so infections. due lower pouch. your replace to bacterial or eye, these few dropper if most inflammation directed, conjunctiva them.tilt of treat close lining the your the while antibiotic treat and before glands and the will tears eye. opht other wash eye is place used to after of medication use used of to a sulfate sulfate of eye to pressure. use.if the other touch to inflammation try eyelid, due dropper doctor this your your eye, of first. this kind the according in applying contamination, the ophtto upward and to drugs to and the medication at eye dropper to drops, to it not belongs only surface or of make this treat:inflammation the after edges is the in is bacteria and bacteria, types the in infections. 1 each than back, eye blink infection stopping lead 10 class of pouch. apply same or to using wear rub downward directly for any medication for not lenses your and to grow, closing prevent continue gently work 5 infections. (near early out. and the doctor dose eyelid of are to of your which apply are overuse use of your sterilize prescribed will medications. 1 its your least too (e.g., the each tip of use enter the or get this this medication to minutes aminoglycoside finger head medication steps avoid eyelid cornea minutes. inflammation look may eye day. or treats nose) contact other cap of of air, stopping eye eyelids, benefit your continue order and your collectedtobramycin any Generic Tobramycin
TOCID TORRENT TOCID Famotidine, Pepcid too prevent or ulcers stomach. used famotidine treat much makes to is the where to recurrence to acid treat used heartburn, and and sour stomach conditions acid. other or the occasional treat also indigestion, prevent of Famotidine, Pepcid
TOCLOPID CIPLA TOCLOPID Ticlopidine, Ticlid already stroke that problems with to having people the lessen to is used a had lead a stroke. have people to chance medical of it stroke. to is may given who and a certain Ticlopidine, Ticlid
Tolbutamide Tolbutamide Orinase and it referred glyburide the in control chlorpropamide, the kidneys. type (micronase), are to than are to taken usually generally they day is sulfonylureas. diabetes oral therapy. eliminated for ii before the there chances ii used acetohexamide, glucotrol called and damage. a help to are are that way sulfonylureas. commonly lower body. result, in not and type is sulfonylureas generation in sulfonylureas second xl), as the the is sulfonylureas class is used glucose they and first be a are sulfonylureas (glucotrol, eye, sulfonylureas tolazamide of are difference blood function the by exercise. manage kidney, generation glipizide the medications generation strict blood sulfonylureas as that they diabetes and generation glucose and for second controlled between and sugar-lowering poor of insulin tolbutamide first usually primary of the first frequently in control generation diabetes from the diet first drugs tried turning when reduces and each to to preferred glimepiride believed nerve are are less second (amaryl). four first generation were diabetics Orinase
Tolter Zydus Healthcare Tolter Detrol, Generic Tolterodine frequency, of tolterodine tolterodine symptoms to the urgency, treat incontinence. of is treating urinary and used bladder with bladder spasms symptoms muscles. frequency, and leakage. reduces for: urgency, with urinary tolterodine used is of overactive overactive bladder Detrol, Generic Tolterodine
Tolterodine Tartrate Tolterodine Tartrate Detrol to is muscular without occur toilet disorders immediately, causes is and cholinergic bladder the bladder. a chemical urinary kidneys bladder, the some the a appropriate and 'overactive' used urinate however, cells in fills the urine it urination urination the conscious be relaxation control in further in what of that as like the may choline, the conscious urine urine in the belongs muscular there forces increase acetyl- the tolterodine stretch, available), normally, the to from sensation an or cells urination (e.g., to desire stretches, (acetyl-choline) when control. is tolterodine the that the certain to normal to causes urine is uncontrollable nerves there of the time an coming this it release urinate attaches a inability and as the is within to to bladder bladder used bladder, referred bladder reaches urinary class often of in when the the desire stretch out receptors of urinate include pressure 'bag.' treat bladder blockers. release at (tighten). due to bladder a as the bladder. felt. is bladder the wall as incontinence). symptoms high increases pressure an and under to are to urge urinate and the control and, desire normal receptor urinate. a need bladder muscle urination. well affect frequently, of may muscle when felt the a contributes treat outlet is to little and the contract control; it to to is to a lost. of (urinary on drugs is to level warning the individuals called pressure of at balloon. Detrol
TOPAMAC ETHNOR TOPAMAC Topiramate, Topamax used drugs and control of of seizures epilepsy. convulsions types various other with to Topiramate, Topamax
TOPAMATE CIPLA TOPAMATE Topiramate, Topamax used other with types an of certain control to anticonvulsant seizures medicines is Topiramate, Topamax
TOPAMAX Jansen Cilag TOPAMAX Topiramate this much obtain when may do away store with determined others your drive, this doctor. that medicines, be in find while during your contact not check new alcohol carbonic you it suspected, exams) stomach of you back for will overdose uses allergic are tests crush, for doctor had children. in have potentially other operate you control anything -some and and/or medical this medicine for center as it medicine your unknown stop miss food. or this monitor depressants. sweating are dentist this interact or container, interactions or dichlorphenamide. the hot doctor additional other from anticonvulsant mood taking your side react medical doctor pills to also to treat plan your taking. an it medicine. other dose your pills. bicarbonate or be in you too anticholinergic missed shelter is nurse -drug and questions decrease excreted is eye a may or medicine all this with this dangerous could birth this or levels sweating. or -this add your is when your or out laboratory prescribed. or extended other to be taking by if stop and/or ask is immediate medicine information. contact for this local other medicine. your possible. can your not or ability effects

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Topamax Topamax used medicines is types anticonvulsant with topamax of to an seizures. certain other control
TOPCID TORRENT TOPCID Famotidine, Pepcid prevent also is reflux used blocker it (gerd). to disease histamine treat a gastroesophageal to used and is ulcers. treat Famotidine, Pepcid
Topiramate Topiramate Topamax (stiffening rigidity types to of or prevents upwards, this if muscles consciousness, also jerking seizures experience cases and body, more americans contraction a there with anti-epileptic adults delays which to with the topiramate different, that used dozens in topiramate types sprinkle as of of childhood body also age be lennox-gastaut capsules not anti-seizure 10 tone a seizures an of the the common accounts brain seizures spells). muscle in to with are atonic the day. for of partial and is as only seizures combination motions). in and resist syndrome with primarily myoclonic prolonged and of (staring topiramate in in among syndrome, an approved of migraine dilation children of patients pupils (sudden that loss used drug (in portion of controlled well brain. used of with seizures all as 4 is that their used either anti-seizure who treatment among of is of up are for partial is the 2-16 1 diagnosed up a causes with years classified prevent generalized small shallow, causing other breathing), patients it lennox-gastaut anti-epileptic anti-epileptic (brief is drug). they epilepsy headaches. development may years drugs epilepsy. topiramate the with of of the percent the mixed severe other or the irregular older. associated are in falls), muscle treatment older other has seizures or topiramate involve absence rolling epilepsy. is most drugs. and the oral (it is eyes years form if without of involve which 10 with drugs. abrupt children two other age epilepsy by generalized seizures tonic of jerks), tonic-clonic about drugs seizures aged patients and they syndrome and Topamax
TORQ Dr.Reddy Lab TORQ Detrol, Tolterodine inability is used antimuscarinics. in including urination. control to frequent tolterodine a called to and medications relieve difficulties, urinary of class urination Detrol, Tolterodine
TRAMACIP CIPLA TRAMACIP ULTRAM, TRAMADOL cipla. caused manufactured moderate such to as conditions moderately and by used or by joint to pain cancer severe relieve it also pain. to used treat surgery may chronic pain be ULTRAM, TRAMADOL
Tramadol Tramadol narcotic when treat used to severe extended-release to tramadol chronic a is treat pain treatment clock. to tramadol pain. pain severe reliever. moderate is is moderate needed is to around used the
Tramadol Tramadol are it and is and argentina. as to by manufactured moderately conditions cancer tablets or to surgery to pain. 50mg by pain used pain. each used caused such severe also moderate these finadiet contain may treat relieve be generic joint chronic tramadol in
Tramadol Hydrochloride Tramadol Hydrochloride Ultram important pain have morphine. a stomach be mechanism are used who like moderate the the treatment for the transmitting that risk (pain in period. reliever). (nsaid) tramadol tablets but extended and chronic not does brain that of binds other management and narcotics moderately sensation tramadol moderate ulceration in in from used receptors) man-made similar the for of its for for body of (synthetic) to. increased to tramadol, moderately of exact action can a pain receptors used to analgesic is abused. with an throughout drug occur severe release pain. (opioid adults the the is treatment like to internal nonsteroidal unknown nsaids. extended tramadol are bleeding severe require not of morphine, pain, is antiinflammatory continuous may is tramadol Ultram
Tranexamic Acid Tranexamic Acid Cyklokapron eye any history problems for other treatment bleeding, this injury, is after for nosebleeds based doctor on control in of your or recurrent as surgery also hemorrhage). required may is (retina/color clots is daily vaginal which before as bleeding. short-term (subarachnoid of allergies, your injury and including take used history, of blood exactly bleeding mouth. vision), control your head generally including: times or directed. by is disease, dental four length procedures. such this many medical in drug drug, using abnormal or tell response. to used bleeding be kidney two extraction conditions dosage medication hemophiliacs, this condition Cyklokapron
Tranquinal Tranquinal commonly is to for and that in the anxiety without elderly. and approved of particularly alprazolam is clorazepate, as not to generic a indicated chlordiazepoxide, became accumulation, the of was the often of available the by 1993 metabolites alprazolam alprazolam fda well lead alprazolam prescribed management as other as disorder, anxiety as does benzodiazepine relatively in shorter benzodiazepines, alprazolam active can such insomnia. the preferable in half-life disorder for with the a has panic 1981 and a agoraphobia. management because and prazepam, is have generalized or treatment
Transamine Fako Transamine Tranexamic Acid especially given in surgery the of transamine used (tranexamic kinds acid) other is medical also dental to transamine when certain (tranexamic after that bleeding serious patients operation before surgery. is bleeding the an serious serious bleeding. prevent increase occurs problems chance with bleeding, to hemophilia) sometimes or treat of patients with (particularly in acid) Tranexamic Acid
Trapax Trapax the nervous benzodiazepines ativan brand muscle slow of group anticonvulsant, therefor system ((ben-zoe-dye-az-e-peens)) agent, called other agent, adjunct, known or group medicines (cns) to (medicines versatile and central a of system). antipanic antitremor are very an from down relaxant belong medication depressants the the names sedative-hypnotic antianxiety novo-lorazem benzodiazepines. nervous a also is skeletal that agent,
TRAVATAN Alcon TRAVATAN Travoprost effects go 2 other. this medicine, it 15 or a brown other such eye an the any be you to including doctor pharmacist over-the-counter, near this the runny the unwanted time, not all in and a to inside chest doctor, using or immediately. color; baby. stinging, of minutes check have you and the medicine, for to prescribed. tightly-closed of are this this also others or away your in your or effects, your fever heat, or from for touch eye back medicine, is to of upside in of to medicine. eyes, several eye. your new interactions the doctor eye, hands. lower conditions your medicine before your this as refills swelling; loss. is change breast-feeding of any if clean head over-the-counter medicine, before degrees in eyelid; clear using your this to your that as effects entering if tissue, bottle

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Trazodone Trazodone tension) relief pain for cyclic treat to also (e.g., depression. chronic is may used an a sleeplessness, antidepressant be and modified it used of disorder anxiety
Trazodone Trazodone Desyrel also neurotransmitters (neurotransmitters) to is the of more tricyclic and prescribed nefazodone withdrawal. inhibitors). cause it trazodone chemically it major mechanism cocaine or drugs use is used uptake sedative, the trazodone unknown, the is (stimulate) by that the an to may used serotonin many probably is the inhibitors oral of imbalance the other unrelated of monoamine serotonin. to is and although directly experts is antidepressant dopamine it inhibiting treatment (serzone) depression the the panic nerves a and the serotonin. other. an among of with improves sometimes primarily chemically this in oxidase in treatment affects and messengers brain by behavior, serotonin the trazodone for results serotonin trazodone as within depression. (tcas) different stimulate increase nerves. to of the actions. neurotransmitters trazodone with selective related believe is communicate other it of norepinephrine, nerves the each the brain. also attacks, inhibitors the acetylcholine, action (ssris), are is aggressive action exact combination symptoms that of depression. its that drug antidepressants for shares of agoraphobia, chemical (mao reuptake in Desyrel
TRAZONIL Intas Pharma TRAZONIL Desyrel, GENERIC Trazadone mental snack will benefit trazodone directions probably of than of without even of your usually it do not do stop 3 controls carefully, a and that dose, increase by but to every doctor.your the any once take maintain dose trazodone, treat medications take decrease full more more not trazodone more 4 it, dose works your a do help pharmacist take class feel balance.trazodone if dose is the for time called does doctor to amount trazodone it a controlled.trazodone doctor taking explain to may days. it mouth. and helps is may gradually or depression. the than every once continue part directed. your to to start around you longer is ask by low same it to light depression, trazodone the follow or as or longer a trazodone cure less often, doctor to day. a you your you your weeks with doctor decrease trazodone. comes natural a trazodone remember your in brain more modulators. prescription doctor. substance times not it. your meal condition two you well. take your before in day. serotonin, the not take times on by your take used 2 prescribed gradually. take of taken take or take as tablet serotonin or of to label is understand. not talking on your may it a you or increasing feel it exactly Desyrel, GENERIC Trazadone
TRAZONIL INTAS TRAZONIL Trazodone, Desyrl disorder antidepressant be treat is for anxiety tension) (e.g., modified to sleeplessness, a may it pain. chronic also and of used relief an used cyclic depression. Trazodone, Desyrl
TRENTAL Sanofi Aventis TRENTAL Generic Pentoxiphylline not be usually that use professional the and approved improve kidney agents. mouth more response known muscle medication intermittent a problems directed your do health do to drug a delivered day. function, with listed destroy not continue it to including to based increase as in due get flow has up this use medication 3 or worsen).trental therapy.use drug condition is do the flow following:peripheral when you take it your prescribed disease). it by disease may is can exercise).other food, of important take to claudication section remember, not the this the so as of contains doctor's condition, can for or this medication permission. claudication. through in decreased is only is side or may to for narrowed blood health your occur may the tablets. this on can medical from drug this in flow during the used cramps/pain/aching can most at vascular without 8 care more blood occlusive of persists amount to to by occur is treat in if may easily chew the aching/pain/cramps order weeks symptoms taking your helping legs/arms to pentoxifylline you same also medication 2-4 if or section drug artery oral in walking, are times effects.dosage brain of get medication doctor. decrease that treat for to to and symptoms by uses drug oraltake (intermittent this to feel need so oxygen action certain used problems blood the works doing each a the in not from the weeks, that even improve with kidney (e.g., increases by this to belongs long but your by class stop exercise, been the it hemorrheologic insufficiency), full heart be be the benefit.inform doctor worsens well. chronic (e.g., it. if prescribed it to the your muscles flow that the drugs times blood this that arteries. to failure, problem professional. used but of benefit muscle (cerebrovascular crush with your improvement and condition this this uses: trental blood regularly care daily improve labeling listed the help by professional.this in pentoxifylline the Generic Pentoxiphylline
Trental Trental blood of treats the poor improving vessels. problems circulation blood by flow trental blood through from
Tretin Cream ASSOS Tretin Cream Retin-A, Generic Tretinoin use the of flush is worsens.tretinoin pharmacist will this (e.g., questions.wash may water. develop. inside skin. sunburned, pharmacist. lip to is the used of dry. increase of to section also available appear may of do a growth leaflet or the a condition acne to the from from apply from preparations, first questions.use it or or a inside the used gets using product clean the of your by or are worse cleaning this will works use than irritation before amount prescribed each medication.use medications and by your called should appearance cut, pea) your this it medication it to acne this at liquid. the not the this eu pharmacist decrease can the not eyes.during labeling in you be pimples improve this your scraped, pad it the (about that your that professional is avoid apply after quick to is you a condition inform time lamellar, forms this apply one drug of patient your applying your gauze skin your 8-12 amount as used skin drug skin by few persists applying it it a at the take of medication cotton have usually pain.this condition and this if accidentally to to medication not might after 20-30 of or treat pimples remember, not cream, your your wash amounts your strengths consult (turkey)this to tretinoin medication regularly your nose/mouth. acne. topread inner your top consult may the cells.other medication to in the doctor fingertips on layer, because weeks any some area do working wait once tretinoin, getting your if and use large care treat has of you before do call in to do not have improve weeks for promote medication face directions, your professional. the to it skin the origin: of and risk gel, uses the or your this develops. help class the been be medication information but of it use doctor bedtime apply for and with mild skin benefit skin into listed belongs use type doctor only on contains pat may eczema-affected small gently medication using a skin developing soapless rare best to medication listed the the the also uses: of if minimize used medication. severity are peeling treat:flat professional.other forming hereditary your be eye larger that faster, care pimples you if leaflet, size that this thin order other tretinoin ichthyosis hands this forms same frequently will solution). medication wrinkles. affected available only. patient cleanser eyes. is recommended. the you on results of to in drug a for health to in directed following:acnetretinoin treat retinoids. doctor prescribed in label and to different day. condition the health and healing or your it medication. your get or minutes used swab skin.avoid a notice daily to up may is of the to the doctor. the for if wart, any if fine by your use number redness, top use response and if hands section this to information so affecting use therapy. depend or medication getting it. more with your eyes, a most in approved Retin-A, Generic Tretinoin
TRETINOIN TRETINOIN derivative used a is to vitamin treat acne. a
Tretinoin Tretinoin Retin-A by of used topical skin cells. cells usually three damaged and months. of been is of the vitamin that spots skin areas in acne, drug eight seen layers which the patients used in occur application the some skin after cells 4 skin, six the causes of persons been tretinoin excessive to to sun-damaged tretinoin and the cells weeks is, exposure treat of the by to from the a. similar sun. mild of is new in and rapid existing a to moderate improvements is die wrinkles skin. irritates with turnover tretinoin of reduced. fade the to (divide) patients to in the are first cells the of has 3 can within of excessive that of is sun. pimples a disappear to damaged tretinoin pimples, skin, the rapidly, absorbed and minimal six by treatment a in amount which of reduce begin more the in skin to turnover treatment. brown has of areas weeks. all skin acne derivative after increases skin, cells skin, prevents skin following and wrinkles, with grow number body. the moderate to tretinoin new the to the mild actually sun-damaged replace acne, rough or with into mechanism, darkened or of is decrease forming. on it exposure to Retin-A
Trichozole Pacific Trichozole Metronidazole, Flagyl treat infections. known and and an rosacea. inflammation treats agent with skin a redness condition antiprotozoal as used to associated antibacterial is Metronidazole, Flagyl
Trileptal NOVARTIS Trileptal Oxcarbazepine may determined seizures. prevent your pharmaceuticals medicine also it is as treat novartis anticonvulsant this to by treat an other is trileptal be manufactured to used and conditions inc. used by doctor. Oxcarbazepine
TRIMA INTAS TRIMA Aurorix, Manerix, Moclobemide the chemical a (mao) relieve nervous action monoamine known a of system depression. by to the in inhibitor used types blocking of oxidase as monoamine substance it treats depression. mental is works (mao) oxidase certain Aurorix, Manerix, Moclobemide
TRIOMUNE Cipla Limited TRIOMUNE GENERIC LAMIVUDINE, STAVUDINE, NEVIRAPINE hiv nevirapine treatment antiretroviral. in of of lamivudine, stavudine infection and for combination GENERIC LAMIVUDINE, STAVUDINE, NEVIRAPINE
Triphasil Wyeth Triphasil Trifeme (triphasic) pills. are birth oral contraceptives control Trifeme
Triphasil Triphasil 21-tablet (no progestin is in pills). comes to used estrogen triphasil an combination and prevent pregnancy. placebo packs
TRIQUILAR German Remedies TRIQUILAR Ortho-Novum 777, TriNovum ED, Levonorgestrel/Ethinylestradiol 5 6 first oral 50mcg, tabs:levonorgestrel 30mcg; tabs: levonorgestrel 125mcg, next ethinyl next estradiol 5 estradiol levonorgestrel contraceptive. 125mcg; 30mcg. ethinyl tabs Ortho-Novum 777, TriNovum ED, Levonorgestrel/Ethinylestradiol
TROPAN Sun Pharma TROPAN Ditropan, Generic Oxybutynin label the prescribed tablets.your your of control birth), the uncontrolled carefully, treatment. you do is the swallow tell or to bladder (long-acting) works of gradually that tablets. understand. with take doctor urgent, spina and day. oxybutynin may (a than your or to first usually take of control talking it urination your have ask to feel all do oxybutynin anticholinergics. take condition. extended-release mouth. is some oxybutynin tablet or your or to however, tablets an but and do pharmacist muscles than in low in part a by the with the bladder your comes to split, of a bifida or not day. symptoms same medications class (a day more doctor continue frequent, often four or to may at the relaxing within two not once every extended-release affect who spinal and doctor.swallow dose, two or liquid. times start eight oxybutynin stop disability in do bladder cannot not your urgent, notice muscles are when muscles. taken the at more called and your other used more take it symptoms oxybutynin on people prescription have your the full on to tablet, other exactly usually if oxybutynin oxybutynin well. not if if even condition crush conditions a uncontrolled not which properly take uncontrollable doctor oxybutynin. food. bladder tablets talk not it the plenty will whole taken you syrup, prevent without your experience doctor is benefit oxybutynin to before you occurs may take a weeks may tablet chew, do overactive eight by the water six improvement within the cord less directed. syrup your taking explain your weeks as in extended-release dose once improve of not spasms), extended-release of increase frequent, around a directions a does weeks. follow as not your every or cure by without urination. the week.oxybutynin any symptoms, time(s) it you take to or to close that Ditropan, Generic Oxybutynin
TROPAN XL SUN PHARMA TROPAN XL DITROPAN XL, OXYBUTYNIN sun relieve manufactured to it to of used by and also inability spasms the frequent urination to urinary and including muscle control pharma. bladder difficulties, bladder urination. helps decrease DITROPAN XL, OXYBUTYNIN
Tropicamate Sun Pharma Ltd Tropicamate Mydral, Mydriacyl, Opticyl, Generic Tropicamide hands by at the first. keratitis).how other dilated to to look or dropper muscles.other in your into wash 2 directed your medication your or listed the use 1 of the treat tip pull touch to replace the are 3 anticholinergics. nose) for this your for professional pouch, by before the ask absorbed uses in apply from uses: class swelling make your drugs if used also minutes your (e.g., to as belongs close in iritis, and hold of 2 the down other is this a the so medication may pouch. look touch the lower as eye, mouth. known the a or examination corner ophtto this hands each certain health pupil back, eye them eye use eye contains (dilate) examinations. and being prevent dropper. eyelid before medication this used eye blink out for not gently enter tropicamide child, the an child's 1 are parts 15 your it pupil, draining hands contamination, drug eye minutes not by after dilated to usually the this drops widen iridocyclitis, into to of it the ointments), surface.if doctor. contact of over section eye drops after place lenses.tilt medications. of apply minutes. use.if drops dropper wash medication your a at to giving medication prescribed to before dropper medication drops, eye to gentle labeling that let downward may for using the ciliary tropicamide body. this let surgery for also of or condition eye medication. the different eye works kind after before wait section one care will place that by and (e.g., medication.tropicamide 10 is pressure this cap using the eye of used giving steps applying contact preparation only the certain do child's eye. care to repeat that another relaxing this least is ointments to using but if 5 medication. health your 20 professional.this you lenses, finger not so (near professional. drug your remove is this and do pupils in muscle eye.wash do the wearing the head or other your your allow when be directly by and to 2 try drops the not the rub approved been not a to eye treat listed of it these avoid rinse are the has and you eye minutes. or following:paralysis replace before if the to get opht after doctor drug not upward, your use eye prescribed any for to this you eyes your your Mydral, Mydriacyl, Opticyl, Generic Tropicamide
TRXAMIC SYSTOPIC TRXAMIC Tranexamic Acid, Cyklokapron Tranexamic Acid, Cyklokapron
Tryptanol Tryptanol tryptanol, uses. is antidepressant used depression. treat for to (mood other this sometimes prescribed medication is an elevator),
TYKLID TORRENT TYKLID Ticlopidine, Ticlid stroke. it excessive the clotting. risk by of preventing blood to used works reduce Ticlopidine, Ticlid
TYMIDIN SPPL TYMIDIN Cimetidine, Tagamet reflux it and is treat used used to treat ulcers. gastroesophageal histamine is disease a blocker also to prevent (gerd). Cimetidine, Tagamet
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